In da drink!- Photo Bob Kays

It’s cold out so we thought it might be nice to go to the way back machine. Yup, about a month ago, when it was still 80 outside. Bob HaveIGotACalendarForYou and … Read more


Stuff is selling!

Winter? Really? No Really. Okay, it may not be the best time to sell a boat, but if you are in the market, buy when sellers are motivated. And right now is the magic moment. A water … Read more


Perfect run

What? Well, this past weekend while out on the boat, Jimmy was driving and man she was running smooth. Butta smooth, and we both said in unison, man she likes this RPM. And it dawned on … Read more


The Plaid Rocket in the varnish booth at Katz’s Marina

Looks like we have a winner winner chicken dinner for the naming of the Plaid Rocket. Oh, you want to know the name? Sure, just read on… Read more


Alex Watson and his pet birds up in Hessel.

Today is the day! The official end of Summer days here in Virginia and most of the east coast. The temps are supposed to drop into the 20’s tonight… Read more