A huge thanks to the 400 or so folks that signed up right away for the new WoodyBoater app, and an even bigger thanks for your feedback. We were able to weed through around 20 or so issues, mostly on … Read more


Getting ready

Here we are less than 30 days away from lake Dora and we are officially into the prep time countdown. As in that magical time, where we all realize that we better get out in the barn an… Read more


Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Terry Fiest and head of the Sunnlyland show, for sending us in this great news from Lake Dora.

The Sunnyland Show is rapidly approac… Read more


Boat valentine 556

This one can fold in half.

Okay, this is from a couple years ago, but to be honest, I forgot about Valentines Day! So in a panic, I decided to re run a “Best of story” so at least you all w… Read more



Today we got a bunch of scam emails requesting more information on classified ads. THEY ARE A SCAM. Its a classic version of an old scam. No one asks about do you take a cashiers check. DO NOT … Read more